South West Junction


In 2007, during a very stressful time in her life, the Lord impressed Sonja to write a song.  She tried to ignore the words and melody that she was hearing in her mind, but when God gets after you to do something, you best just pay attention!  After weeks of trying to ignore the "roaring" of the song in her head, she finally relented and wrote the song.  After moving to Safford, AZ a few months later for her husband to pastor a church there, Sonja sang the song for the congregation.  They loved it!  A few days later, she felt another song being given to her.  And then another!  

Life got busy then and Sonja didn't write anything for 3 or 4 years.  Then one day, that feeling came back and the songs started flowing again!  But she noticed that some of the songs were different...

​Many of the songs now had a "country" feel to them.  Not the beer-drinking, butt-kicking type of country, but the old, classic style - about home, and family, and life.  Her background of camping, hunting and fishing, and four-wheeling made these songs even more personal for her.

So, this website it dedicated to the music that God has, and is, giving to Sonja.  Gospel, Country, ..... whatever!